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Hey there, welcome to Typebin.

        Typebin is so easy to use, it's hard to describe. But here goes: Typebin is for writers, and drafters, and note takers, and list makers. It's for people who believe in the power of writing, and in the power of words to change nearly anything. Sound like you? Great. Typebin makes writing (or drafting or note-taking or list-making, etc.) easy by allowing you to focus on the words and the page, and not the formatting. Yes, to be clear, you can format. Typebin's editor has all the features of any good word processor, but they're hidden away until you need them.

        Formatting features appear when wanted, and when it makes sense to use them. The rest of the time? Just you and your document (and your words, and your keyboard, and — almost certainly — your phone). For example, this is a document (who could've guessed?) created with Typebin, though you'll need to sign up to edit. Once you do, just click somewhere and start typing. It's really that easy. Need to format some text? Just highlight it and formatting options appear on your left. You can make this bold or italicized or underlined or, I don't know, whatever you want to make it into. Move your mouse to the right side, and a insert menu will appear like magic (it also knows when it is needed, and appears whenever your cursor moves to an empty line). There you can find things like images (above), breaks (below), and tables (we didn't add any to this doc). We even let you add an embed code and bring anything into your document (like a YouTube video or whatever). And — to make things even better — everything saves automatically, just in case your coffee decides it likes your computer more than you.

        But, unlike Word or Google Docs, formatting isn't the focus of Typebin — writing is. That's the reason all those great features disappear when you don't need them. In the end, Typebin is about you and your words. So, try it out and give this document an edit to see how easy Typebin is. Then, whether you fall in love or are still undecided, you should sign up for an account. It's free and only takes around a minute. You don't have to worry about your data, either. Typebin's privacy policy protects you, and prohibits us from selling or sharing any information you give us (there are a few exceptions for analytics, but even that we keep mostly internal). So give it a try right now.

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